Member Testimonials

Laurie Bend, pageonedesign recommends Beth Tarallo, Skincare by the Sea
I took advantage of Beth's summer skincare special and enjoyed a relaxing facial with microdermabrasion and light therapy. What a way to enjoy my morning! Beth was so attentive, experienced and answered all my skincare my questions. I recommend scheduling an appointment with Beth and experiencing her personal skincare services for yourself!
JoAnn Reiter, Inside Shading recommends Diane Glim, Monterey County Weekly
I recently decided to advertise in the Monterey County Weekly Women in Business section. Diane Glim at the Monterey County Weekly helped put my ad together. She did a great job with the ad in a very short amount of time. She is a pleasure to work with. “Thank you” Diane for all that you do for PWN and your community.
JoAnn Reiter, Inside Shading recommends Laurie Bend, pageonedesign
A big “Thank You” to Laurie Bend of pageonedesign. She designed my ad for the PWN website (check the Events page) in a quick and painless process. I highly recommend Laurie for all your graphic needs.
Beth Tarallo, Skincare by the Sea recommends Laurie Bend, pageonedesign
I recently met with Laurie Bend with Page One Design for a complimentary consultation. She was extremely helpful, especially since I am so "technically challenged!" Laurie gave me design ideas for my website, as well as other social media sites. She was very kind and even stayed with me an extra half hour to make sure all of my questions were answered. Laurie went above and beyond to listen to my concerns and help me with my business in any way possible. She is not only great at what she does, but she is a wonderful person in general which just makes working with her even more enjoyable. I will definitely be contacting Laurie for her services very soon. I highly recommend Laurie and Page One Design for all of your graphic design needs!
JoAnn Reiter, Inside Shading recommends Heather Ream, Cypress Cabinets
I decided to create a new look in my kitchen so I went to Cypress Cabinets and found the perfect pulls for a new look. I was helped in a friendly and professional manner and would recommend to everyone to go and see the beautiful showroom and friendly staff.
Tina Zmak, Zmak Creative recommends Marion Gellatly, Powerful Presence
I visited Marion for a private Colorful Analysis session. I cannot recommend this session highly enough! Marion is extremely knowledgeable and a delight to work with. She worked with me to design my own unique palette of colors based on my coloring. I now have a "shopping fan" I can use to buy clothing in colors that work for me, as well as handbags, shoes, accessories and makeup. What a great tool to save time and money!
JoAnn Reiter, Inside Shading recommends Evelyn Munoz, Monterey Day Spa
Recently I have experienced the most wonderful facial from Monterey Day Spa. The esthetician, Laura, was absolutely wonderful. She was very informative regarding how to continue my facial care and the products that I should use. The Monterey Day Spa is a beautiful environment. Quiet and peaceful and very professional. I highly recommend them.
Lori Silver recommends Jo Ann Gesner, Transcendental Meditation
When I was 18 years old, I learned Transcendental Meditation. After not meditating for over 40 years, I recently updated my TM with Jo Ann Gesner. I’ve been thrilled with my results. I have less stress, am more intuitive, have improved my memory, and it helps so much in work, my hobbies, and at home. My son saw improvements in me, so he took up TM which helped with his focus, memory, and his attention span. Then, my husband took it up! I understand why Oprah trained her entire staff to do TM, and why they experience fewer health problems, have more work days, and many other benefits!
Julie Foucht, Life Tools Training recommends Will Elkadi, eLab Communications
I cannot recommend Will Elkadi of eLab Communications enough. It has been an absolute joy working with him on PWN's beautiful and highly-functional new website.
Julie Foucht, Life Tools Training recommends Marion Gellatly, Powerful Presence
I'm in the middle of Marion's Style School. Such fun! I'm learning so much including why I sometimes purchase lovely things that I hate wearing and which styles and colors always work for me.
Donna Brandt, Primerica recommends Heather Satava, Satava Wellness
I have just completed two years of monthly massages with Heather. She is particularly gifted, and I couldn't be happier with my decision to take care of myself this way.
Julie Foucht, Kickass Biz Coaching recommends Julie Ahearn, True Idea Productions
A belated thank you to Julie Ahearn for being the official photographer at the PWN Woman of the Year event. Julie took fabulous pictures (which we can all see on the PWN Facebook page) and did a very professional job. I highly recommend her for all your photography/video needs.
Cammie Jones, Cammie Jones Organizing recommends Julie Foucht, Kickass Biz Coaching
Thanks to Julie's coaching I am thinking out of the box & the peninsula for my business. With her encouragement & coaching I am starting to realize the bigger picture about me and my business. Want to see your business go where you didn't think it could go before? Call Julie of Life Tools Training, because your business is more about your life than you think it is.
Donna Brandt, Prmerica recommends Ellen Wrona, Armstrong Productions
Ellen produced a video for a non-profit I support. Her work is exceptional. Thank you for your gift, which will bring value for a long time to come.
Julie Foucht, Kickass Biz Coaching recommends Laurie Bend, pageonedesign
Every time I need a change to my business card or other business materials, Laurie (and her amazing graphic design skills) is right there getting it done for me! Thanks for your attention to detail and ability to turn things around so quickly. Need a logo, cards, flyer? Call Laurie!
Jean Stallings recommends Diane Glim, Monterey Weekly
We are thrilled to share, that Diane Glim will be honored by the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce for Ambassador of the Year. Diane is a wonderful resource for PWN and the Monterey Peninsula. Diane will be installed at the chamber's annual dinner June 22 at the InterContinental The Clement Hotel on Cannery Row.
Laurie Bend recommends Deborah Goldstein, Enlightened Philanthropy
I want to thank Deborah Goldstein for the great interactive presentation she gave to my older girl scouts from Service Unit #356 in Monterey. These eight girls are starting the process to earn their Gold Awards. Deborah helped them understand philanthropy in a teenager's language. She also led an exercise with them on how they can contribute to their communities in ways that are exciting and fun, using the interests they are passionate about. Thank you for sharing your expertise with the next generation of female philanthropists.
Jean Stallings recommends Professional Women's Network
Thanks to all of PWN for your support, kindness, cards, etc. during my recent Open Heart Surgery. I'm sorry I missed the Woman of the Year festivities, but I understand all was spectacular. Congratulations again to Julie and thanks for all you have done for PWN! I hope to be back for the January meeting!
Sandra Collingwood recommends JoAnn Reiter
I have purchased several of JoAnn's beautiful original photography note cards to sent to good friends and clients. They are each a work of art and individually signed by her. Selfishly I have only sent one so far because they are so gorgeous I want to keep all of them on my desk to look at daily. Whether it's magnificent flowers or breathtaking scenery, be sure to treat yourself (and another) to these lovely creations... and buy duplicates!
Ileen Groves, Bookkeeping Express recommends Will Elkadi, eLab Communications
I was lucky enough to win Will Elkadi's raffle prize at the June PWN meeting. My husband, Barry, takes care of the "back office" for our BookKeeping Express business so I turned the certificate over to him. Here is what Barry had to say about his experience working with Will: "I recently spent some time in training with Will Elkadi of eLab Communications. I thought I knew quite a bit, but he taught me that I didn't know how much I didn't know. Will's expertise in Search Engine Optimization and web design, as well as specific software applications such as WordPress, provided me with at least ten specific tips on how to improve our own web site. This, in just an hour-and-a-half session. In summary - this guy knows his stuff, and I highly recommend him."
Julie Cavassa Foucht, Life Tools Training recommends Leslie Bruhn, Women’s Wealth Group
I can not recommend Leslie Bruhn’s Women’s Wealth Group enough. Leslie has completely changed my thinking about money, the power of budgeting, creating from intention and happiness. I am reaching for higher goals and making more money in my business thanks to Leslie.